I wish to thank the James Dyson workshop facilitators, the Operation and Production Managers that we met at 3M, Mrs Ng, Ms Boey, Mr Goh, and any other people who have made this workshop possible. It was such a wonderful learning opportunity!
- Lin Yulong (4S216'2013)

I would like to thank the production managers at 3M for taking the effort to bring us around the manufacturing plant, as well as Mr Lim Seow Yi for facilitating our visit to 3M.

By: Tay Wei Sheng (19) (4B2'13)
Thank you 3M for giving us this opportunity to visit their plant and allow us to gain more exposure to engineering. I would also like to thank the teachers for planning this trip, especially Mrs Ng for encouraging me to sign up and gain exposure!
-Darryl Hwang 4A3