Post-it Notes

3M Post-it Notes are essential office stationeries and has brought about much convenience for many people. Its focus on delivering convenience to everyday problems has been crucial to its success. Post-it Notes outshine other note-taking inventions in its convenience, as it drastically reduces the amount of time needed to stick something on the wall at a specific location as compared to using magnets or any other traditional methods which may even damage the surfaces.
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The science behind this product is its pressure-sensitive adhesive. (Click here to read on how adhesive works!) When it is pasted onto a surface, it will have a bond with the surface. The bond is strong enough to hold the weight of the post-it note, strong enough to prevent it from dropping off and weak enough for the user to remove it easily.

Who invented Post-it notes?

In 1974, a scientist at 3M, Spencer Silver, was trying to find a new strong adhesive. Instead, he discovered an adhesive that would stick on all surfaces but could be removed easily without leaving any residue or damage to the surface. Silver had no idea what use he could make of this adhesive.

Four years later, Arthur Fry, a colleague of Stephen Silver, came up with the idea to use his low-tack adhesive to stick his bookmark. He further developed his idea. In 1977, 3M launched Post-it notes nationwide. For some reason the product did not do well as consumers had not tried the product. A year later, 3M re-launched Post-it notes along with a new market strategy - free samples of Post-it notes were distributed to people. The response was brilliant and, until today, Post-it notes are used by many in their homes and offices.

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