(1) 3M's Vikuiti rear projection display

3M's Vikuiti rear projection display is an ingenious device which makes any ordinary surface into the screen of a mirrored projector.
As opposed to a screen near the ceiling, the device allows images to be projected onto walls which are easily within passers-by's line of vision, . The versatile, self-adhesive Vikuiti Rear Projection Film transforms store windows into a vibrant branding and promotions tool, by allowing video, static images and dynamic messaging to be projected directly onto the surface. Images can be read easily from long distances and all angles, even in bad lighting conditions. The Vikuiti Film can be cut to any desired shape and size, reflecting, for example, company logos and brands.

The film uses microscopic glass beads create a stunning optical image. A unique black layer helps to reject ambient light and give you the very best image in all indoor and outdoor applications.

(2) 3M Pocket Projector

The tininess of 3M Pocket Projector will capture the attention of many. Projectors, as we usually see, are rather big and bulky, making them difficult to carry around. However, for this product, it has the capabilities to function as a normal projector at a size much smaller than an usual projector and is able to fit into your pockets.

external image 00416_pocket-projector.jpg

What is interesting to take note is that the projector can be used as a tool for businessmen to do presentation everywhere due to their mobility. It will be capable of increasing work efficiency ,especially for businessmen who would require to show prodcuts to the client on the spot.

How It Works - In Brief

The pocket projector makes use of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). A bulb is set up to shine a fairly powerful light through a prism. The prism splits the light into its component colours and these colours are sent through small LCD screens. The screens received the signals and regulate the amount of light shown at specific pixel locations. The light is beamed through a lens onto a screen where the images can be seen by the human eye.

external image lcd.jpg